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Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, Australian College of Management and Innovation Pty Ltd. (ACMi) is to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on this Enrolment Form and your training activity data) may be used or disclosed by ACMi for statistical, regulatory and research purposes. ACMi may disclose your personal information for these purposes to third parties, including:

  • School – if you are a secondary student undertaking VET, including a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship;
  • Employer – if you are enrolled in training paid by your employer;
  • Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies;
  • NCVER;
  • Organisations conducting student surveys; and
  • Researchers.

Personal information disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed for the following purposes:

  • Issuing Statements of Attainment or qualification and populating authenticated VET transcripts;
  • Facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys;
  • Understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer information; and
  • Administering VET, including programme administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation.

You may receive an NCVER student survey which may be administered by an NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor. You may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted. NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cath), the VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER’s website at

I declare that the information I have provided to the best of my knowledge is true and correct. I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information in accordance with the Privacy Notice above.

I give my consent to ACMi to release my name, date of birth, contact details and statistical information to the relevant State Government bodies for the purpose of auditing, regulation of training, obtaining feedback and as statistical information. I declare that the information I have provided is true and accurate in every detail. I have read the course information and fully understand the requirements of the course for which I am seeking enrolment. I agree to ACMi identifying and publishing my name and any of my images captured for promotional materials I understand that this agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the payment of Fees and Charges as specified on ACMi website. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the Refund of Fees as specified in on ACMi website. I understand that failure to pay my tuition fees may result in my enrolment being cancelled and this may affect my student visa. I will immediately notify to ACMi of any changes to the information I have given in this application form.

I cannot change my education provider during the first six months of my course without a written confirmation of release from ACMi.

PRIVACY: All enrolments are confirmed in writing before the course starts, giving details of the course start times and venue. In the unlikely event you do not receive confirmation of a course prior to the commencement date, please contact us immediately.

REFUND POLICY: Clients who withdraw from a course prior to the commencement of the course maybe entitled to a part refund. Refunds are provided on a sliding scale determined by the amount of notice you provide. For a full copy of the Refund Policy visit our website or contact us.

COLLECTION FEES: By signing this enrolment form you acknowledge that you will be liable for all collection fees and charges should non-payment of our invoice/s result in the matter being handed to our Debt Collection Agency

Please check to make sure that your application is complete before sending to us: